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Tavs Choir brings festive cheer

Tavs choir with Charlotte Church

The Tavs Choir is a community choir which will bring festive cheer as they perform around Cardiff this season.

The choir was formed in 2013 in the Tavs centre. The centre provides services to homeless people and the more vulnerable members of society. The choir came about as part of this service. Choir mistress, Sarah Davies,says that the centre wanted to provide more than just meals to people, it also wanted to give them something to take part in.

TAVS choir rehearsing

Choir members all join together in a meal after rehearsal at the TAVS centre

Singing is a great stress-reliever, says Sarah. Members can attend rehearsal and have an hour a week where they don’t have to worry about their troubles. She notes that homeless people often drop in for a one-off rehearsal and they enjoy that hour of company and release.

There are about 12-15 regular choir members, says Sarah. These regulars have been there since the beginning and have come to regard each other as family. Choir member Rudolph Savage, 57, agrees with this. “I just enjoy singing with company. It’s like a family, it’s good to be a part of something,” he says. Another member, Jamila Hassan Monnray, adds that it is a great feeling to give back to the community.

Tavs choir with Charlotte Church

TAVS choir with Charlotte Church for her upcoming BBC documentary (photo courtesy of TAVS Facebook)

The choir works because it’s a real mix of people, says Sarah. Its members come from all walks of life. “People who wouldn’t mix in normal circumstances come together in a choir to produce something really good,” she states.

Over the last three years, the choir has performed everywhere: at local festivals, OAP mornings and at churches. Their most recent excursion was to Cathays to sing with Charlotte Church for a BBC documentary.  They will be performing in Llanedeyrn on 3 December, and will be performing in Asda in Pontypool over Christmas to raise funds for the centre.

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