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Kongs: retro gaming with a pint

Did you miss your chance to play Pac-Man on a 300 pound, 16 palette colour machine in the 80s? Well, you’re in luck, Kongs are bringing retro back to Cardiff.

The game-themed bar, recognisable by its bold Donkey Kong-inspired logo, is in the process of making Cardiff it’s next playable area.

Located on St Mary Street, the new venue will create a hub for retro gaming, as well as various other forms of entertainment.

Co-operative collaboration

Co-founder, Toby Stringer, says, “Kongs is a bar where you can come and play classic arcade games, ping pong and table football,

“We have such love for the arcade games, but the ping pong, music, products and food are equally important to us.”

As Toby explains, Kongs will serve several different local craft beers, such as Tiny Rebel, together with food from Burger Theory. There is music policy in which “anything goes”. If a DJ is present, music will vary from house to hip hop and even soundtracks from video games.

With the recent release of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini this month, bringing back 30 arcade games to new higher definition screens, it appears that retro gaming has been given an extra life for younger gamers to enjoy.

Matt Kamen from Wired, claims that the console brings back nostalgic joys, but is hindered by some hardware issues. Luckily, that is part of the experience with the machines at Kongs.

Retro gaming is still evidently popular with people of all ages

Retro gaming is still evidently popular with people of all ages

Following this surge of popularity, it is likely that Kongs in Cardiff will become a centre for old-school gaming.

Free gaming days and competitions will run regularly at the bar and arcade, offering players the chance to compete in multiplayer Bomberman, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros sessions.

If you’re unsure about visiting a gaming-related bar, Toby ensures that you should give it a go and enjoy the atmosphere – you might be the next top scorer.


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