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Cardiff Character: Jacquiline Morgan

The Cardiff Bakestones manager discusses how baking with her family led to making hundreds of sweet treats each day

Jacquiline in the market ahead of a busy day

From the moment customers arrive at the large stall situated in Cardiff’s bustling market, Jacquiline Morgan is ready and waiting to greet them with a warm smile.

Having been an employee at Cardiff Bakestones since it opened in the market six years ago, Jacquiline now manages a small team for their daily operation of selling baked goods to hundreds of customers each day.

When approaching the stall, the air is filled with a familiar sweet scent and Jacquiline can be seen swiftly flipping the latest batch of Welsh cakes ready to add to the counter that is already piled high.

Welsh cakes ready for customers to buy

In her genes

Born in the Rhondda valley, Jacquiline was raised alongside two sisters and a brother.

“My father was originally in the army and later worked in the mines. My mother stayed at home to look after the kids as most women did in those days,” she said.

It was spending time with her mother that gave Jacquiline her first memories of baking.

She fondly remembers baking with her mother on a Sunday and notes this as the start of her love affair which would last a lifetime.

Still living in Rhondda, Jacquiline says that family continues to be a priority and as they all live within walking distance, spending time with them is a welcome break from working.

Despite her unwavering dedication to her job and her family, Jacquiline still finds time to pursue her passion for knitting as a way to relax.

Jacquiline preparing scones ready to be sold

Baking business

Jacquiline’s working day begins with a bus ride into Cardiff where she’ll sometimes arrive at the market as early as half past six to prepare the ingredients for a day of baking.

“We open at eight o’clock in the morning and we’re busy cooking and serving customers right until we close so days can be really busy,” she said.

The best part of the job for Jacquiline is being part of a supportive, family-orientated team that will always look after each other.

The community Jacquiline and her colleagues have built at Cardiff Bakestones is best demonstrated when she discusses her relationships with regular customers.

“We have customers that come in every single day and we get to form a lovely relationship with them,” Jacquiline said fondly. “We get to know them by name and sometimes they’ll even stop to tell us about their problems.”

Jacquiline’s warmth and pride in the team is clear to see and the values they share extend to each and every customer that stops to buy one of their world famous Welsh cakes.

“Christmas is my favourite time

of year to work here.”

Christmas is by far the busiest period for Cardiff Bakestones but that doesn’t seem to bother Jacquiline. In fact, she relishes the cheer that the festive period brings when working in the city.

“I think we’re coming up to our seventh Christmas now but at my age, you tend to forget these things,” she laughs. “Christmas is my favourite time of year to work here. The people are great and everyone has a smile.”