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Cardiff Character: Matthew Reardon


Matthew enjoys selling cakes at St Mary's Market every week

Matthew enjoys selling cakes at St Mary’s Market every week


Cake-entrepreneur Matthew Reardon, 36, has an advantage over his competitors. Not only does he make all his gourmet cupcakes by himself but he is also responsible for the finances of his business thanks to his background in banking. “Before getting into cakes, I was a personal finance broker and dealt in mortgages and commercial finance,” he explains.

Keen traveller

When an opportunity arose for Matthew to travel the world, he left his job as a broker. Whilst living in Australia, he was inspired by a local cake shop in Melbourne. “I was trekking on a very hot day and I needed sugar for energy. I saw a sign for a cupcake shop on the horizon. I bought a cake, sat outside the shop and thought that I could make and sell cakes myself,” he says.

Matthew’s grandmother taught him how to bake when he was a child so he was already equipped with the necessary baking skills.

A business is born

In 2011, Matthew opened Cup and Cake Bakery, in Llanishen. He chose to base his business in Cardiff as he wanted to stay close to his Welsh roots. “I’ve travelled all over the world and lived in some amazing places. But I’m from Cathays and nothing beats being back in Wales,” he smiles.

Alongside the bakery, Matthew sells his cakes on a weekly basis at Cardiff’s trendy St Mary’s Street Market. “The atmosphere is fantastic and it’s a great way to meet people,” he enthuses.

Many businesses take their time to develop but Cup and Cake Bakery developed at a rapid pace. Matthew reveals: “I thought up a business name, put a website together, signed up for my first market stall where my cakes sold out pretty quickly and the rest is history.”

It is easy see to why Matthew is so successful. Not only does he have a good business sense but he has a very approachable manner and friendly personality too. His enthusiasm knows no bounds and he loves nothing more than chatting to customers. He declares: “It’s important to build a relationship with customers, I like to get to know them.”

Future plans

Due to the popularity of his cakes, Matthew plans to open a bakery and coffee shop in 2014 in one of Cardiff’s old arcades. There will also be an onsite baking school which will teach all manners of baking. Matthew’s advice to anyone thinking of opening a business is think about it carefully first. He advises: “I would encourage anyone with an idea for a business to think it out and put it down on paper to see if it’s viable and then give it 110%. Also, don’t get disheartened if it’s slow to start.”

Despite his own success, Matthew remains a humble character and believes that it is important to give back to the community. He regularly takes leftover cakes to homeless shelters around Cardiff. “I’ve been very fortunate in my life and I want to do whatever I can to help those who are less fortunate,” he says.


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