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Sugar Ray’s goes local with new menu

Award-winning burgers from Moody Sow farm shop

A new Roath based café has prioritised the use of local Welsh suppliers for its dishes. Sugar Ray’s, which officially opened last month and has been serving food for just over a week, offers a simple menu with options made from high quality ingredients.

The man in charge-Sugar Ray's owner, Leion Attard

The man in charge-Sugar Ray’s owner, Leion Attard

Owner Leion Attard, 38, wanted to ensure his menu incorporated the best ingredients and products that he could find in Cardiff and its surrounding areas. “You can’t just have a chocolate brownie”, he says, “you’ve got to have the best chocolate brownie. So I started looking around in the local area for the best chocolate brownie and found it.” This sweet treat was discovered at the Cup and Cake Bakery, based in Cardiff, which now supplies Sugar Ray’s with an array of baked goods.

Award-winning burgers from Moody Sow farm shop

Award-winning burgers from Moody Sow farm shop

The cuisine available at this charming café extends to hearty savoury meals too. Diners can tuck into the “best” burgers, the stars of which are award-winning patties from the Moody Sow farm shop in Cefn Mably Farm Park.

In distinguishing itself from its competitors, Sugar Ray’s also offers food from across the pond. Diners can sample poutine, Canada’s national dish, with a unique twist. Food blogger Ed Gilbert says: “Their poutine saw crisp and fluffy chips drenched in a slightly underpowered chicken gravy and a good scattering of oozy mozzarella and cheddar. I’m yet to try authentic poutine made with cheese curds but this was a tasty substitute.”

Canada's national dish-poutine

Canada’s national dish-poutine

The Sugar Ray’s menu will soon feature a new chicken wing challenge which will again utilise local suppliers. Owner of the Moody Sow, Rhys Edwards, harvests chillies that will feature in a fiery sauce cooked up especially for the challenge. Diners who successfully hold their nerve and finish a portion of spicy wings could see their feat rewarded with a spot on Sugar Ray’s wall of fame.

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