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EXCLUSIVE Street Food Market to Open Six Days a Week

Sticky Fingers Street Food will be open six days a week from December, says operations manager Stephen Carwardine.

Sticky Fingers Street Food is Cardiff’s newest restaurant, located in the Brewery Quarter

Wales’s first permanent indoor street food market opened recently in the Brewery Quarter in Cardiff’s city centre and is currently open Thursdays to Sundays, but according to operations manager Stephen Carwardine, “This will be six days a week from December.”

Sticky Fingers Street Food is inspired by street food around the world. The owner, Matt Connelly, said, “This is the first venue of its kind in Wales. You get street food in places like Madrid, Barcelona and Paris, but this is the first of its kind here in Cardiff.”

Sticky Fingers Street Food incorporates five award winning street food vendors offering a range of popular street food, as well as a large main bar, a smaller bar and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

Created by Matt and Stephen as a fun and cost-effective evening out, Sticky Fingers Street Food recreates the relaxed and funky vibe associated with street food outlets in major European cities.

Inside Sticky Fingers Street Food is a mixture of brightly coloured tables and chairs and bench-style seating, suitable for large groups


The venue’s mix of brightly coloured tables and chairs, artistic graffiti on the walls, long bench tables and seating perfect for large groups, captures a chilled but exciting atmosphere.

The five award-winning eateries in the venue are Goodfillas, Hoof, The Two Anchors, Mr Croquewich and Makasih.

Goodfillas predominantly serves artisan pizza dough, similar to a calzone pizza, filled with cheese, chorizo, vegetables and herbs which are then deep fried.

Hoof specialises in Welsh flat iron steak in a bun and Cajun spiced fries.

The Two Anchors emphasises fresh and affordable seafood meals, including mackerel,

home-made fish finger sandwiches and fish curries.

Mr Croquewich is inspired by French street food, serving grilled cheese and savoury bread puddings.

Makasih offers Malaysian street food including their award-winning crispy tandoori chicken.


All five restaurants are currently open Thursday – Sunday and will be open six days a week from December.


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