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Fairtrade for big business? Vox pop

Cardiff hosts a string of events promoting Fairtrade products

In the run up to the festive season, a series of community Fairtrade events will be held in Cardiff, offering an array of food, beverages, crafts and jewellery.

Rebecca Lacey, who organised one such fair held in Lisvane last weekend said, ‘The event is a good opportunity to promote Fairtrade and try and get it into mainstream shopping.’

One of the vox pop interviewees shares her opinion

But are the valiant efforts of local volunteers enough?  Do bigger businesses need to become more involved?  A recent survey published on the Fairtrade website shows that UK consumers are increasingly expecting large companies to be responsible in their dealings with farmers and workers in developing countries.  This follows the news that Maltesers are soon to become Mars’ first Fairtrade product.

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