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Committee discuss carrier bag re-use

Possible issues relating to carrier bag re-use are up for discussion in the coming weeks 

There is now a 5p charge for all carrier bags in Wales

Potential cross-contamination issues surrounding the re-use of carrier bags will be one item on the menu at the next meeting of the Welsh Food Advisory Committee.

The Committee will be meeting on the 10 November to discuss, among other things, any issues that could arise from people re-using their bags.

This environmentally friendly way of shopping has been encouraged recently by the mandatory 5p bag charge introduced by the Welsh Government, which aims to help the environment and reduce excess litter.

Dr Peter Randerson, a senior lecturer in Biosciences at Cardiff University, was sceptical about potential concerns. “I find it hard to believe it is a big problem – it is easy to rinse out a bag if your chicken has leaked into it,” he said.