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Food guide works with Welsh bloggers

Wriggle Cardiff teams up with the city’s food bloggers to create local content and provide locals with offers at independent restaurants

Wriggle works to provide customers with discounts at independent restaurants. Photos courtesy of Wriggle.

The independent food and drink guide Wriggle Cardiff is working with food bloggers in the Welsh capital to create local content.

Wriggle, a concept originating from Bristol presents members with restaurant offers, food guides and articles that provide insight into the independent food and drink scene in Cardiff.

Amongst the regular content being created, customers can find out where to get the best street food in the city or a summary of the women shaking up the food industry.

The Wriggle team select independent restaurants to work with, creating offers that are still profitable for the business while bringing in new customers who may normally stick to the usual chains.

Founder of Wriggle, Rob Hall said that as the city is an exciting, cultural centre in Wales, launching in Cardiff was a natural step as a thriving food scene is emerging.

“Wriggle is all about local discovery and as our team isn’t based in Cardiff, it can be difficult to keep up to date on food and drink knowledge in the city,” said Rob.

“By working with local bloggers, we’re able to provide content that’s of value to our customers and share expertise on the food scene in the city from people that live there.”

The company is working with local bloggers to create relevant content. Photos courtesy of Wriggle.

Portia Jones is a blogger and writer who works with Wriggle to create content. Wriggle had seen her blog and liked the food content she was creating so approached Portia to write for them.

“The brand has a great ethos and they have commissioned me to write a range a pieces for their guide. I recently wrote a piece about other Welsh bloggers which I loved doing.”

Wriggle has been running foodie events in the city over the course of 2017 but they will be launching a dedicated events page in January 2018 complete with theatre and comedy nights.