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Communities raise funds with supper

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Sing for Your Supper is a new initiative being set up in Cardiff to help finance local community groups.

Inspired by the Project Soup movement and run under the Cardiff Transition banner, Sing for Your Supper aims to help raise funds and distribute them to local community groups. The Soup movement involve people paying a small cover charge for a bowl of soup, while they listen to local groups pitch ideas to help the community. The soup-ers then vote for the best idea, with the winner taking home money collected.

Photo of soup

Project Soup has set the table for new micro-funding opportunities (picture Michaela via Unsplash)

Sing for Your Supper aims to replicate this formula, but with a two-course meal instead of soup, and local musicians providing entertainment between pitches. It is still in the planning stage, with the Embassy café being chosen as the venue for the event, resulting in the event partnering with The Real Junk Food Project.

Cody O’Cailleagh is Sing for Your Supper’s organiser. He was inspired to set it up after meeting a volunteer with Project Soup Oxford last year. “I realised that it was the type of project that I was looking to introduce in Cardiff. Something that would help to benefit local community groups,” he says.

Embassy cafe location of Sing for your supper

Embassy café will provide the location for the inaugural Sing for Your Supper

As for the pitchers, Cody says that anyone is welcome to pitch, so long as they belong to a Cardiff-based community group, or sustainable social enterprise that will benefit the local community. He adds that a lot of interest has already been shown by groups across Cardiff.

Sing for Your Supper will debut early next year. Community groups and musicians are encouraged to register their interest to take part. However, its biggest obstacle is recruiting volunteers to help plan and run things. Cody says, “As a volunteer-run project, we really are relying on help from others.”

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