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The Baristas on trikes, one year on

Handlebar Barista was the creation of two Cardiff friends with a passion for coffee and cycling in summer 2015.

The company has come a long way since then adding, a two more trikes to the fleet. Their third trike ‘The Ice Trike’ serves iced coffee, ice creams or iced lollies, which are ideal for summer.

The pair, along with help from Marcin at Punk Bikes in Roath, put together their first trike coffee maker and had their first event in August 2015.

Now almost two years later, Handlebar Barista have three trikes and operate in various locations in Cardiff including a collaboration with the Grazing Shed on St Mary Street in Cardiff city centre.

Crop ofHandle bar barista graz shed

Figure 1 The brew bar located in the grazing shed. Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The team serve up delicious coffee made by Ferrari espresso from “South Wales own Italian descent coffee magician” said Chris Garrett, one of the owners.

When the baristas are not in and around Cardiff they can be found at other events around South Wales at weddings or festivals. “The bikes are independent in that they do not need gas or electricity to operate” said Ollie Sandy, one of the baristas 31 from Tasmania in Australia.

The bikes were welded together by Marcin Von Frycu, who had the first bike sitting in the back of Punk Bikes for quite some time and after some time the back has been restored to its former glory.

What’s next for the pair? “A bike themed café could be on the cards in the near future” says Chris Garrett.

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