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Cardiff’s premier hot dog stand

Rollin' Hot Dog Co.

Holly McDonald rollin’ with her new hot dog joint (photo courtesy of Meg Nisbet) 

The 26-year-old that gave up her nine to five job to sell hot dogs says she’s never been happier. 

Stationed on Womanby Street, The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co. is Cardiff’s new premier hot dog stand and has proven to be a hit, nearly selling out of dogs on the first day.

Holly McDonald, who gave up her admin job at Cardiff Castle said, “I just jumped. Life is so short that you’ve just got to go with the mustard.”

The stand offers a range of hot dogs; including options for veggies, the current favourite appears to be the cream cheese based dog, called the Seattle. 

However if you’re a ketchup fan Holly won’t be pleased, “hot dogs are my life but I’m a purist, ketchup is the devils blood!” 

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