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Pontcanna’s farmers explain how Brexit might affect their businesses

Local farmer believes that Brexit is the biggest disgrace to ever affect the UK

With Brexit only a few weeks away, the uncertainty surrounding the faith of local business made local farmers Jake Steel and Wioletta Wisniewska share their views on how Brexit might affect their businesses.

Jake and Wioletta are two local farmers that sell their products at Pontcanna’s Farmers’ Market, an event that takes place every Saturday morning from 10:00 until 13:30 in Kings Road Yard.

Ever since the Referendum, Brexit has been a sensitive topic, dividing the British population. In fact the Brexiteers won the vote by 52% to 48%. In Cardiff, more specifically, 60% of the population voted remain.    

Jake has a stall at the Pontcanna Market selling products such as eggs, cordials, pies and soap, all locally produced. 

He believed Brexit is the biggest disaster to happen to the UK. He said if Brexit happens “it means we will be cutting ourselves form a market of six million people to adopt a market which doesn’t exist yet.”

He is worried about the way farmers will obtain their raw materials to make their products. Because Britain is on an island, it heavily relies on selling and buying products from overseas countries, he added. 

Jake said, “I think we should stop looking backwards, we are no longer an empire.”

Farmer Wioletta moved to Wales a year and a half ago from Poland with her husband. They make a living by growing organic and locally-grown vegetables. 

Wioletta admitted she is not too worried about the effect Brexit will have on their business. “[Brexit] will affect us but in a good way. It will be harder to import vegetables so people will support local producers.”

Wioletta was not in the UK during the Referendum but since becoming a local famer she has seen changes in her business, such as more restaurants and shops buying vegetables from them.


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