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Pop-up restaurant brings African food to South Wales

Inyamat is hosting an African food pop-up in Cardiff to celebrate Black History Month and raise awareness of the continent’s diverse cuisine 

African food Inyamat
Photo courtesy of Inyamat

Pop-up restaurant Inyamat is joining in the country-wide Black History Month celebrations by hosting a three-course African dinner in Cardiff on 26 October. 

The event provides an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to experience authentic African cuisine. 

The menu showcases dishes from across the continent including Kenyan goat stew, Ugandan sweet potatoes and east African doughnuts. There will also be African music and dancing.

Shebah Mimano, owner of pop-up service Inyamat, is passionate about developing public perceptions of African cuisine and bringing it to wider audiences.

Shebah started Inyamat – meaning ‘food’ in the Ugandan language Ateso – in 2018 when she noticed a gap in the market for African food.

“I was working at summer festivals and saw there were stalls selling dishes from around the world but there was not one single African food vendor,” said Shebah. “I wondered why we’re not represented and thought ‘What can we do to bring our food here?’” 

Shebah believes African cooking hasn’t hit the mainstream outside London like other native cuisines partly because it’s not readily available. 

“People are more willing to try different foods than ever but African food isn’t out there and it’s not convenient,” she said. “If you do want African food locally, you have to trek to find it.”

Shebah, who is based in Aberdare, is working to tackle this by hosting pop-ups and catering for private events, street food markets and festivals in as many locations around South Wales as possible.

Designer Vaijayanti Williams, who sampled Inyamat’s food at a pop-up business event in Cardiff earlier this year, said she enjoyed the new flavours and would be interested to try more African food in the future. 

The event will take place from 6pm at the Old Church Rooms in Radyr. Find out more about the pop-up and pricing.

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