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Coffee shop smashes Kickstarter target

Hard Lines, the coffee shop with an edge, has raised £15,000 to secure a fixed venue on Castle Street, Cardiff

Hard Lines, the coffee shop with an edge, has raised £15,000 to secure a fixed venue

Local coffee shop, Hard Lines, has raised £15,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to secure a permanent venue opening in spring 2019

The donations will pay for an in-house roastery and its installation, a fully equipped kitchen, and a stylish cafe, all located at their new shop on 25, Castle Street.

Hard Lines will be one of the few coffee outlets in Cardiff to have its own roastery, setting it aside from most of its competitors, due to the freshness of its produce.

Sophie Smith, 27, co-owner of Hard Lines, has a clear view of the coffee industry and what makes the company different “All our coffee is single-origin, we can trace the farmers and even the altitudes the coffee beans are grown at.” she says.

Attention to detail, Sophie explains, is their primary interest. The altitude the coffee is grown at ultimately affects its taste. More desirable beans are grown at a higher altitude and contain a higher concentration of natural sugars.

Tanzinia Kitamu, altitude:1500 – 1800 MASL, Guatemala El Chalun, altitude: 1620 MASL, Peru Pedernales, altitude: 1850 MASL

Hard Lines is committed to traceability too, each and every farmer from Guatemala to Peru has a story that the Hard Lines staff are more than happy to share with their customers.

Regular customer, Jake Griffith, 23, said: “Hard Lines makes exceptional coffee that is different from any in Cardiff.”

The new shop will also launch a full menu, serving vegan and vegetarian artisanal food.

“All the staff apart from me are veggie – it’s naturally sourced for sustainability, accessibility and ease,” Sophie said.

With an initial target of £14,000, Hard Lines have surpassed their goal by £1,000 with 451 backers.

“We have always wanted to stand out. Coffee can be quite a serious industry so we want to be somewhat irreverent, unassuming, that is why we made the Kickstarter, so we can offer even more, permanently.” Sophie confirmed.

Hard Lines, Unit 25, Cardiff Central Market

You can visit Hard Lines at Cardiff Central Market, Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 5:00

Saturday 09:00–5:00, Sunday closed.




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