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Christmas drink launched at Tiny Rebel

Christmas tipples and a festive atmosphere at a local independent brewery: “You Snow’s It” is a good place to be merry at Tiny Rebel

Tiny Rebel’s Cardiff base is a welcoming spot for those after an off-the-beaten-track beer.

Tiny Rebel have released You Snows It for the last three festive periods, but this year, they’re offering an update on the Christmas classic.

You Snows It was the brewery’s second collaboration with local band, Goldie Lookin’ Chain. It was a pale ale, designed to be slightly bitter in flavour, “like that uncle that always ruins your Christmas dinner”.

Learn how to brew a Christmas favourite with them below.

Niall Thomas, Marketing Manager at Tiny Rebel, says, “We’re only releasing one Christmas beer this year. It’s a new version of You Snows It, which we’ve brewed for the past three years now.”

Barman, Kristian, says that the big launch will be November 15th. The Christmas brew will be available on tap at both Cardiff and Newport sites from Thursday.

“Every year, there’s no set recipe,” says Kristian, who also says that Tiny Rebel are annually looking for “something more interesting”.

The brewery is not yet able to release the intimate details of the latest addition to their award-winning family, but in the past, they have played with traditional flavours in a non-traditional medium, creating Christmas beers with flavours of fig and hazelnut (Filthy Animal) or  orange and floral notes (Harry & Marv), so we might expect something equally festive and playful for 2018.

The Cardiff venue on Westgate St is cosy, informal, and just a little bohemian.

Customer, Jessica Power, 23, says that she thinks this is the best time of year to release something new. She says, “If I’m going out for a drink over Christmas, that’s when I’d be tempted to try a more inventive beer. I like to try different things and especially at Christmas, it’s nice to have an experience rather than your usual.”

Tomos Gwyn, 22, says that Tiny Rebel is the kind of bar where customers should embrace diversity in their drinks.  “My girlfriend gets Stay Puft because she enjoys that, but I usually come here to try something new. You can have a new experience every time you come here. You can always find something new and fresh, which is really nice.”

Other additions to the festive fare at Tiny Rebel include a new IPA and a seasonal sloe gin.

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