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The art of making a good cuppa

Waterloo Tea houses between 65 and 70 different types of tea

Fancy yourself becoming a bit of a tea connoisseur or coffee expert? Waterloo Tea runs monthly barista courses and tea masterclasses on demand.

The barista course, which teaches participants about the diverse range of coffee roasts, producers and suppliers and educates them in the various processing methods, accommodates up to four people and costs £45pp.

Waterloo Tea’s tea masterclass covers a wide variety of teas, infusion times, brewing methods, and history. The class accommodates 6-10 people and costs £25pp.

Director of Operations at Waterloo Tea, Nathaniel Williams, says, “People are more educated about their food now and they want to be stimulated a bit more. They want to taste, feel, smell, pull things apart. The classes offer just that and involve a lot of tasting.”

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