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Voxpop: What problems are facing Cardiff pubs?

Two Cardiff pubs have been put up for sale following “insufficient custom”.

In a move by Commercial Property Agents Bilfinger GVA, The Westgate in Lower Cathedral Road and The Grange in Penarth Road are facing closure.

SA Brain retail manager Mike Carey claims there is “nothing more to add at this stage” to a recent statement. The statement confirmed “we have taken the decision to sell the properties as unfortunately there is insufficient custom to sustain the businesses going forward.”

It’s not all bad news for the company, who Carey claims continues to invest in developments such as The Plum Tree, the Cambrian Tap and the Coffee#1 franchise.
But to understand the issues facing these pubs, it’s perhaps best to ask potential customers; the general public.

The Westgate (pictured) is on Cowbridge Road East and The Grange is on Penarth Road.


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