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Indie stores offer vinyl exclusives

Cardiff’s independent record stores offer up limited edition vinyl releases

Catapult Records will be taking part in Black Friday 2011.

Cardiff’s independent record stores will offer exclusive releases as part of an international promotion launching on 25 November to highlight vinyl collectibles in the run up to Christmas.

Catapult Records and Spillers Records will take part in the UK’s first Black Friday initiative, selling limited edition vinyl releases available exclusively through independent retailers.

The initiative was launched by the team behind Record Store Day which takes place in the UK in April.

Stores will choose items they wish to sell from 31 special releases from artists including Lady Gaga, The Beatles, Nirvana and The Black Keys.

Simon Thomas, manager of Catapult Records said, “With the vinyl market coming to significant prominence, it’s a really good time to mobilise people to come into independent stores by making special releases available to us and not the majors.”

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