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Mysterious vaults host fright night

A mysterious maze of bank vaults in Cardiff Bay are being reopened to the public in the lead up to Halloween. Those brave enough to venture into the vaults will experience interactive horror film screenings.

Motley Movies are reopening derelict bank vaults in Cardiff Bay to the public for a week of interactive Halloween film screenings. [Photo by Kathryn Williams]

Portland House’s derelict bank vaults pictured here are hosting a week of interactive horror film screenings with a walk in the mysterious maze of vaults. [Photo by Kathryn Williams]

Motley Movies are leading guests down for a walk in the maze of derelict bank vaults in Cardiff Bay for their ‘Fright Night and Haunted Basement’ with an interactive film screening of a different horror film each night.

Following the screening there will be live music, Halloween circus games and a pop up bar and food vendor to lighten the mood.

Motley Movies host Fright Night and Haunted Basement for a spine chilling interactive Halloween experience. [Photogaph by Motley Movies]

Take a walk into the basement for an interactive Halloween experience at Portland House with Motley Movies’ film screenings. [Photograph by Motley Movies]

Event organizer, Ian Fernando from It’s On Cardiff said, “We want to remove guests from their comfort zone and escalate the tension and peoples senses with the fear of the unknown.”

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