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Revival of Celtic culture at RWCMD

Hugh on the accordion, accompanied by Jack on guitar.

A monthly music night, established last month at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, hopes to promote interest in Cardiff’s Celtic heritage.

David Grubb, who runs the RWCMD Folk Society, set up the nights to redress the lack of awareness of traditional music in the capital city. The nights are called Folk In The Foyer, and are free to attend.

 Hugh Sheehan’s ancestral accordion melodies reeled in the audiences at the RWCMD last Tuesday. He said, “The folk scene in Cardiff is not huge, to be honest, so we’re doing our best to contribute.”

The rapt attention of the audience before Hugh and his accordion last week suggested that Celtic culture might have finally found its place: traditional is the new offbeat.

Listen to an extract of one of the songs.

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