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Voxpop: Is there a growing sentiment for Welsh independence?

Boris Johnson lost yet another vote in the commons on Brexit on Saturday, that’s seven in a row for those keeping score. With the SNP using the crisis in Westminster to push for another Scottish independence referendum, is the sentiment for an independent Wales growing as well?

Back in December 2018, SkyNews reported that just 17% of the Welsh population would support independence should a referendum be called.

However, Welsh independence party Plaid Crymu reported in September 2019 that 33% are now in support of an independent Wales.

We spoke to members of the public in Cardiff so they could have their say.

“Do you think there is growing sentiment for independence in Wales?

Dave Keeling, engineer, 57, Cardiff.

“No, I think there’s less of a sentiment [for independence] if I’m honest. The people I work with are pro staying as a union. I think if a referendum was called if would be pro-union.”

Gareth Hilton, 45, self-employed, Ystrad Mynach.

“If there was a referendum called, I believe we would stay. There is, however, a growing call for independence.”

Jen Agadino, 29, waitress, Cardiff and Debbie Austin, 58, housewife, Buckinghamshire (And Fred, 4, good boy).

Debbie: “Ask her…”

Jen: “Yeah, I think so. Especially amongst younger people, because they’ve been let down by central government. We’re seeing less and less funding. I don’t think there should be a referendum, I don’t think we’re strong enough for independence – but if it was called, I think it would be pretty evenly split.”

Will Jarvis, 24, hearing care advisor, Swansea

“No. Because I feel like in times of Brexit, having another layer of independence broken off from the United Kingdom would not be suitable. I think Wales would stay together if an independence vote was called.”

Ross Parkes, 22, development analyst, Cardiff

“No, not really, not as far as I’m concerned. Wales relies quite a lot on the rest of the United Kingdom – especially the European Union. I feel like they would be pretty screwed if they went on their own. I don’t think they would vote to leave [the Union].”

Deborah Sherridan, freelance photographer, 54, Nashville, Tennessee

“Absolutely. I think there’s a lot of national pride [In Wales]. It’s a matter of pride for some people. My family is from Cardiff – and they’ve always been proud Welsh people. I believe that every country should have their own nationality, rather than be absorbed into the melting pot of everybody else. I believe one size does not fit all. I think Wales would vote for Wales.”

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