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Funky Pump Cardiff relaunch

South Wales fitness class, Funky Pump, has relaunched in the capital to give locals the workout they’ve been missing.


Funky Pump integrates circuits, dance and boxing drills

Funky Pump Fitness relocated to Universal Gym two weeks ago to run classes in an imitation nightclub setting complete with live DJs and disco lights.

The classes began in Swansea five years ago but have now expanded to six other locations across Wales, as well as Glasgow.

Inspired by the atmosphere of a nightclub, Funky Pump’s instructors and DJs work together to provide an upbeat and hard-hitting regime of boxing drills and circuits.

Director, Jason Hole, said, “The beauty of Funky Pump is that you’ll forget you’re in a gym, and just absorb yourself in it.”

Pay-as-you-go prices start at £4.

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