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Weightlifting championship at Synergi Club.

Welsh Strongman Tyron Jones doing log press

The Loglift and Deadlift championship is set to be Synergi’s first competition of this type, testing competitors’ strength to the limit.

Welsh Strongman Tyron Jones doing log press

Welsh Strongman Tyron Jones doing a log press in a previous competition. Photo Credit: Rhys Jones

Synergi Weightlifting Club will be hosting the championship on the 10th December in Cardiff.

Men and women will compete in either a log lifting or deadlifting category.

Personal trainers, strength coaches and strength sport enthusiasts make up the weightlifting club.

Assistant manager at Synergi, Rhys Jones tells Alt.Cardiff that the event is split in to two Strongman events: The Loglift and The Deadlift.

“The Loglift involves the clean and press of a loadable log whereby the lifter cleans the log from the floor,” he says. Rhys explains that the deadlift: “is the ultimate display of strength. The person who lifts the most weight off of the floor is the victor.”

This is the first competition that Synergi have held that is of this kind.

Being a fan of the Strongman sport was what inspired Rhys to put on this event.

He explains: “The Loglift and Deadlift are the keystones that encapsulate all Strongman events.”

“Attracting athletes from all over Britain to compete under one roof and test their strength will only do good for the sport,” he says.

Rhys tells Alt.Cardiff what the competitors go through in order to train for the championship:


In order to perform to the best of their ability, people work hard and push their bodies.

Dean Coley, who is taking part in the Synergi championship, has said that this is not his first competition.

“I started competing in 2014, doing six competitions that year,” he says.

Dean explains that leading up to a competition, he focuses on specific events that he will be taking part in.

“I compete in the U105 category,” he says, “I have been training a solid five times a week for over a year now.”


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