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Yoga centers people’s body and posture

Yin yoga is now infused with thai massage is this new rave of yoga that is about relaxing the body and doing more breathing exercises.


This combination of yoga is from the Asian culture, mixed with Indian Ayurvedic principles. The yin yoga is to destress, and the thai massage or the hatha yoga is for the healing of the body. This is to assist yoga posture while the teachers help with the students with their posture. The students adjust their bodies by massaging the person’s body into a more comfortable position while holding the pose.


During this workout, students will have their legs lifted in the air during shavasana (the final pose of yoga as a deep restoration), and then they would be massaged.


Why this infused yoga is helpful for everyone


Yin yoga infused with Thai massage is perfect for people who need to relieve stress. It is not athletically hard, so it is easy for people who have done other types yoga. However, it is not recommended for beginners. Students hold the positions  longer than usual yoga poses. Students have to use the weight of the body to move into various positions to achieve passive stretching.



Yoga instructor of two and a half years, Bethan Walters, says about the yin yoga infused with thai massage, “It’s more of a muscular endurance than a cardiovascular endurance.  A lot of what instructors do is unexpected and unusual. This can make them feel comfortable enough with bodywork that the student can relax while doing it. Thai massage works with compression, rhythmic pressing movements directed into muscle tissue by either hand and/or fingers.”

Cardiff citizens who are interested in trying out the new movements of yoga can take the Yin Yoga Infused with Thai Massage workshop at Stretchy Suzie’s on November 24. It is said to be “a relaxing 90 minute yin yoga class where you hold passive postures for enough time to let your body release into them stressing and so strengthening the joint and improve range of motion there”.


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