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Ballyhoo theatre magazine unveiled

A new magazine showcasing Cardiff’s theatre scene will be launched online today, offering a brand new platform for the city’s freshest talents.

Ballyhoo theatre magazine will offer a sumptuous array of interviews and reviews, profiling new productions such as site-specific theatre De Gabay and Kitsch & Sync’s upcoming performance A Kristmas Kringle.

Ballyhoo took to Cardiff’s youth theatre scene last week to talk to some young performers. Lee Keenor, member of Llanover Hall’s Hummadruz theatre group, who specialise in UV light shows, explains the appeal.

“I’ve been going to Llanover Hall since I was 14 and this group is great because it’s friendly, and we have an excellent teacher,” he says, “Plus it’s good if you’re not that confident yet because we’re all in the dark!”

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