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Emotionally-charged aerialist feats

Danger, emotion and circus skills combine at the WMC

A Scene from Every Action… (photo credit: Nik Mackey)

There will be high suspense at the Millennium Centre this month, as the aerial theatre company Ockham’s Razor perform their perilous, circus-inspired show.

The vertiginous performances take place on rickety-looking structures suspended seven metres in the air, with no harnesses, and draw on the emotions that exist between people in such circumstances. In a triple-bill of pieces, the aerialists experience feelings that the audience can relate to, such as vulnerability, reliance and trust.

The company formed while studying at Bristol’s Circomedia, and aim to combine their big-top skills with intelligent dance, in an accessible way. 

Ockham’s Razor design every aspect of their show, including the aerial apparatus, said publicist Shaun Dawson. “Their shows have a definite theatrical narrative and are not based on ‘acrobatic tricks’,” he said.



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