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Newport remembers Chartism in song

Celebrating the 175th year of Chartism and the Newport Uprising, a musical production is being held at the Riverfront Theatre to commemorate the occasion.

The production is returning since its last production in 2010

The musical is returning since its debut in 2010

The Forgotten is made up of music, song and storytelling and gives a voice to those who sacrificed their lives for the rights to a democratic led Government.

It aims to engage the community, targeting youth, to help bring the event to light and the political activism that took place on 4 November 1839. 

Vanessa Dodd, the producer of The Forgotten said, “It’s about the people. It’s about the ordinary people being heard. It’s about being proud of your roots and your community and the continued struggle.”

The production which comes to Newport for the second time since the Ryder Cup in 2010 is set to continue its venture to the Valleys next year. 

Sculpture in Newport to commemorate the Uprising

Sculptures in Newport to commemorate the Uprising






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