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Participatory theatre in Riverside

Laugh yourself to death at A Cold Spread, by Katy Owen

The setting in the Conservative Club enhances the performance (Photo courtesy of Katy Owen)








The play, an immersive audience experience set at the wake of Myfanwy Evans, is a comedy about how people deal with grief.  

The audience is asked to dress for a funeral, and can expect to be ordered up to a buffet served during the play, before enjoying an hour-long disco at the end.

Katy Owen, the playwright says, “The disco and wake are on opposite sides of the spectrum. It is a metaphor that life goes on.”   

The location of the play is important for Katy, and it is the first time theatre has visited the Conservative Club. 

Katy explains that the audience has to get involved with all aspects of the show, laughing their way through the death, dancing, and drab food. 


See Chapter for tickets.  

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