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Ride the bus to help write a play

Playwrights take inspiration from the 95 bus to Barry

Are you sitting next to director Bridget Keehan and poet Grahame Davies?

You could become part of the writing process of a new theatre piece if you happen to be on the right bus this Saturday.

Poet Grahame Davies and director Bridget Keehan are devising a play by spending the day speaking to passengers on the 95 bus. These conversations will be used as a workshop to be turned into a production for the stage.

The 95 bus runs between Cardiff City Centre and Barry Island. This will be the second Saturday in a row the pair will spend talking to passengers.

Bridget said, “I’d like to chat to people and build the first layer of possibilities of what the journey’s going to take in.”

Grahame added, “It’s a devised piece of theatre, so it’s new for me.”

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