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Edible art at Chapter festival

Glasgow based art duo Pester and Rossi bring their own brand of interactive art to to Chapter this weekend as part of the Eperimentica 1.1 festival.

The pair’s performance, entitled Survive-It, claims to be Cardiff’s first “open lab-kitchen,” where audiences will be encouraged to participate in the show by “creating dysfunctional, inefficient, unreliable but above all, affordable survival goods from high quality, locally sourced ingredients.”

Ruby Pester and Nadia Rossi, who studied Fine Art and Time Based Art respectively, have hosted arts events across Scotland since graduating in 2008. This, their latest project, looks at the “relationship between the familiar and the over-familiar,” claims Pester.

Survive-It was inspired by the absurdity of the scaremongering and paranoia enforced upon society by government and media industries,” she claimed. 

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