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Craft workshop teaches you how to make books

Learn simple bookbinding techniques and create your own mini book in a box

A book that has been altered (Picture courtesy of Carole King)

A craft workshop will show you simple methods to make a set of tiny books that all fit inside a box.

Carole King is offering a masterclass at Cardiff’s City Hall craft fair Made by Hand this Sunday where she will teach participants how to create their own mini books.

“All the books are hand stitched from first principles and most are unique,” she said.

At the workshop people can use a variety of handcrafted papers, all designed and printed by Carole.

She said it was the printmaking and using up of prints that hadn’t worked as a fine art piece which had made wonderful book covers.

Mini books from last year's workshop

Other typical mini books you will be able to create at the workshop (Picture courtesy of Carole King)

At this year’s workshop she is teaching 12 participants how to make mini books that will fit into a wedding favour box.  

“At workshops I find that people are astonished that they can make their own books with a bit of patience and guidance.

“However, they are surprised at how long it takes – a long day of work and concentration,” said Carole.

At the workshop participants will have two hours to learn the craft of creating mini books.

Carole has attended the craft fair three times over the last five years and she works with Make it in Wales who organise and run other workshops across West Wales.

Overall, she runs six bookbinding courses each year, teaching simple sketchbooks to open spine and coptic bindings.

In an official statement on the fair’s website, Nick Capaldi, chief executive of Arts Council of Wales, said, “Made by Hand is about skill, innovation and ingenuity – the ability of the maker to use their best imagination to create beautiful objects that bring enjoyment and inspiration to our everyday lives.”

Last year the craft fair was visited by 4000 people and a lot of them took part at the different workshops and masterclasses.


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