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Boozy bikers to raise school funds.

Pint on a bike, beer on a bike,

Pre-book your place now to participate in the beer-fuelled cycling event.  

Pint on a bike, beer on a bike,

Pint on a bike – Courtesy of Real Ale Wobble on Facebook.

This month, thirsty cyclists are raising money for their local school, and earning some free beer along the way. On 18 November, The Real Ale Wobble will see cyclists gather in Llanwrtyd Wells, following a waymarked route with some alcoholic pit stops along the way. 

The non-competitive event’s headquarters is at Ysgol Dolafon school, for whom the boozy bike bonanza is their biggest fundraiser of the year. The school provides a number of services to the athletic drinkers – the pupil’s parents run a bike wash, as well as providing refreshments such as tea and cake.  For their work, the school receives a donation from the event organisers, as well as the proceeds from the refreshments. Thanks to this, organisers have described The Real Ale Wobble as being a great experience for the local community.  

Cyclists on the Real Ale Wobble

Cyclists on the Real Ale Wobble- Courtesy of Real Ale Wobble on Facebook.

The event attracts riders of all kinds. Steve Jones, editor of Dirtmountainbike.com shared his experiences of the event, “It’s not about the riding, it’s about the beer, the ale, the brews from places that you might normally come across.” Despite planning to return this year, Jones left with quite the impression of the event, “Last year I woke up on a sofa in a cabin, to be given cold fried eggs and parsley by a kleptomaniac Romanian with a wine habit.” 

Courses for both serious bikers and curious amateurs are available. Route lengths vary, with the longer route covering approximately 28 miles, and the shorter trip spanning 15 miles. All routes will have technical sections, but easier routes will be marked for less experienced cyclists. Participants will have a range of ales to choose from, but are wisely limited to two pints while on the course. Would-be cyclists are encouraged to book in advance, with online entry available up to 7 days before the event.  

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