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Bounce your way back to fitness

Ultimate Bounce, a fitness class done wearing low-impact rebound boots, is set to expand across South Wales with a new location in Cardiff.

Classes are one hour and involve 45 minutes rebounding and 15 minutes toning.

Participants experience a high-intense aerobics workout while the boots work their magic. The extra bounce and 2.5 kg added weight increases toning and fat burning.

Classes, run by Ultimate Fitness, have become increasingly popular and with only two instructors in the whole of Wales providing such a service Jemma Lane and Ian Bosley are very much in demand. 

Jemma said, “The boots are great. They make classes more fun and in the process burn twice as many calories as a gym session.”

Classes at Cardiff Fitness First East start with a free session on 9 November at 6:30pm. 

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