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CardiffCycleTours: slow and stylish

CardiffCycleTours are a great way to explore the city on authentic British-made bikes without breaking a sweat.

Pashley bike in the park. Photo: Pol Van Steelant.

CardiffCycleTours are not about exercise or covering miles, they are about discovering the city at a leisurely pace on high-quality Pashley bikes, which are made in Britain and are “perfect for city cycling” according to Pol Van Steelant who runs the tours. The Pashleys have a chic, vintage look to them, which adds to the unique experience of CardiffCycleTours.

CardiffCycleTours were set up by Pol three years ago and operate on a regular basis, for all abilities, come rain or shine. There are two tours to choose from, The Bay Tour or The Bute Tour, and both allow participants to see and feel different aspects of Cardiff’s culture.  

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