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Football vox pop: Team GB or stay at home?

Newly appointed Olympic football coach wants to select Welsh players

Simon Holley and Gerald Price voice their opinions

The new manager of Britain’s Olympic football team insists his goal is to take players from all the home nations, regardless of fear it could threaten Welsh football’s identity.

Stuart Pearce was named last week to pick the squad for London 2012, but he faces resistance from the football associations of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Welsh FA claimed if Welsh players joined Britain’s team next year, it would jeopardise their independence; the fear is that FIFA could stop recognising Wales as an individual team.

Nevertheless, Stuart Pearce told a Wembley press conference, “I’m not going into this job looking only to select English players.”

Given how hard many people found it to find Olympic tickets, Welsh players may have to watch at home.

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