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Vox pop – The 2012 Olympics: good for Cardiff?

How much will involvement in the 2012 Olympics benefit Cardiff? 

The Millennium Stadium will host women's football (photo by Vlad-X7)


They might be named London 2012, but next year’s Olympic Games promise to be a nationwide event. However, will Cardiff’s involvement benefit the capital?

While the quality of training facilities has been much-lauded by Cardiff spokespeople, the only event being held in the city is women’s football, in the Millennium Stadium. This will take place two days before the events in London begin, and could mean a chance for Cardiff to be in the international spotlight. 

Cardiff will also play host to the Australian and South African Paralympic teams, as well as the Olympic team fromTrinidad and Tobago, who chose the city based on the high quality of its sport science and medical facilities.

But what, if any, impact could this have on Cardiff?

Featured image taken by Vlad-X7

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