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French bulldog fest debuts in Cardiff

A new French bulldog festival will take place on the 15 November. The festival, branded Frenchiefest, has been created by the team behind the hugely popular Pugfest.

The first Pugfest took place last year and the event has gone from strength to strength. Martin Clawes, an organiser, says that “We had so many requests for a festival for French bulldogs and the response has been really good.”

Martin and his wife also run the French and Pug Dog Foundation which will benefit from the funds raised by the event.

The Foundation rescues and rehomes bulldogs and pugs, a policy that will be reflected throughout Frenchiefest. “We encourage people to rescue and adopt puppies rather than buy them”, Martin explains, “Frenchiefest is about fun, not breeding.”

Frenchiefest, French bulldogs

Around 2,500 people are expected to attend the event, bringing with them an estimated 400 dogs.

Picture: by danny O. – Flickr.

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