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Lindy hop craze swings into Cardiff

The lindy hop scene is a great way to make friends and express your style. Anna Rogers and Ollie Parham are pictured in the centre.

The lindy hop scene is taking Cardiff by storm, over 70 years after American GIs first hit British dance floors. 

On 24 October, Lindy Hop Cardiff are holding a beginners drop in class at 8.30pm in Four Bars, Dempseys, followed by social dancing, with teachers Anna Rogers and Ollie Parham offering an alternative night out.

Lindy hop evolved in 1920s New York and arrived in wartime Britain with the American GIs, helping to boost morale.

Lindy Hop Cardiff founder, Miss Rogers said, “This dance style is pure joy; it’s totally infectious. We’ve built a reputation for being one of the friendliest dance scenes.

“One of the most celebrated qualities of British people during wartime was that real sense of community, which lives on through this dance style today.”


Lindy Hop Cardiff dance their socks off in Bute Park, performing Frankie Manning’s Lindy Chorus for World Lindy Hop Day. 01/06/2014


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