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Beloved science centre re-opens after ongoing construction for ‘science capital’ project

An artist's interpretation of the new entrance of Techniquest

Techniquest has re-opened its doors to its science lovers promising an earthquake stimulator and hurricane tunnel

An artists impression of the new Techniquest entrance
Image courtesy of Techniquest

Techniquest, located in Cardiff Bay, is now receiving support from the Inspiring Science Fund, UK Research and Innovation and Wellcome for their Science Capital project, one of the biggest projects they have undertaken since opening. 

The science centre has taken “Science Capital” as a project name from a concept conceived by academics at Kings College London, a measure of peoples engagement or relationship with science, through the Science Capital Techniquest is committed to creating a society that is equipped to understand, question and enjoy science.

A new vibrant public entrance, coffee shop and retail space are more new facilities being added to the establishment that visitors should look forward to, especially since it was a community effort bringing this idea to life with the combined contributions from different charities and organisations.

Stephen Bowden, vice chairman and soon to be chairman of Techniquest, said the reason behind the project is to highlight the role science plays in everyday lives and how STEM and innovative technologies are shaping the future of society.

When asked what new exhibits Techniquest will unveil, Stephen said, “An earthquake simulator, a virtual operating table and a hurricane tunnel are just a few of the new exhibits you can expect.” 

Techniquest wanted their new exhibits to be more digital, hoping to appeal to an older, teenage demographic.

New fishtank and living wall that are featured in Techniqest
Image courtesy of Techniquest

Stephen states, “The centre will be transformed and focus key themes including environmental, biology, space, chemistry and world issues” and will help towards becoming a leader in science education throughout Wales. 

As part of the developments, there will be over 50 new exhibits and the space will be expanded by over 60%, a new one being a living wall that James Summers, head of projects at Techniquest explains “gives us an opportunity to expand our educational offerings and discuss important topics in new ways, such as climate change and the overall health of our environment.”

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