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Art exhibition confronts internet use

Art centre Chapter is showcasing a series of candy-coloured paintings in their bar from November 20 to January 25.

The exhibition, titled #givemeeverythingandnothingbaby, explores how the internet creates ‘junk emotions’ and the need for constant validation.

Magda Archer, art

What have kittens got to do with texting?

Artist Magda Archer draws her inspiration from language used on the internet and ‘text talk.’ She also explores social media’s ability to create pseudo-friendships and false promises.

Magda says: “We spend our time judging and loathing people we don’t know, trading in junk emotions and disposable vocabulary that doesn’t really mean anything.”

Most of the work is colourful and has a pop-art-like feeling to it (Andy Warhol is an inspiration). The paintings remind one of vintage packaging, retro graphics and greeting card design.

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