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Be more vintage with new pop-up shop

Pop-up fashion sale in a bedroom

Salisbury Vintage hosted a pop-up fashion sale in their bedroom!

Vintage pop-up shops’ popularity is on the rise in Cardiff as public interest grows in ‘sustainable fashion’.

With Cardiff already being home to vintage kilo sales, and the current media coverage of sustainable fashion, it seems there has been a rise in the popularity of vintage clothing.

In the last week, Salisbury Road became home to new pop-up shop ‘Salisbury Vintage’ specialising in vintage clothing.

Located in a spare bedroom, the new business saw more customers than they imagined with people queuing out of the door for a fashionable bargain.

While vintage kilo sales are located all over Cardiff, this new business was hailed by its customers for being “quirky” according to co-founder Josh Lutner, due to its unusual location.

Queuing out the door

In an article for the BBC, sustainability expert Lucy Siegle said, “Globally, we’re producing over 100 billion new garments from new fibres every single year, and the planet cannot sustain that.”

Awareness about the fact the fashion industry is one of the top five most polluting industries is growing, so it’s no surprise that vintage clothing is on the rise. 

Salisbury Vintage co-founder Louis Osborne said, “People are buying new clothes they don’t need, there are all these clothes and it’s nice that they have had one home and now they have another.”  

The public’s growing concern and interest into the conservation of our planet perhaps has had an impact on the influx of these vintage pop-up shops and kilo sales.

Cardiff has over five vintage kilo sales and pop-up shop events within the next month.

Salisbury Vintage began trading online first via Depop and ASOS before deciding to trial a real pop-up store here in the city. It stocks a wide range of brands including Adidas, Champion and Tommy Hilfiger. 

Josh described their stock as, “Pseudo vintage. It has the appearance of being old but it is still fashionable.” They specialise in 80s and 90s gear with a sportswear vibe. 

Due to popularity and demand, Salisbury Vintage has already planned their next pop-up shop on the 16th November, however this time it will be in their living room as opposed to spare bedroom.


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