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Cafe bar celebrates its 10th birthday

A cafe bar is throwing a 10 day birthday bash to mark reaching double figures, with live music acts from the venue’s past and present

To celebrate turning 10, Gwdihw cafe bar has put together an extensive programme of musical acts, which are taking place across 10 days.

The entertainment is being held in the evening, when Gwdihw transitions from a cafe bar to a live music venue.

A number of musicians are in the lineup, playing a wide range of music from jazz to techno.

The ‘10 years of Gwdihw’ celebration has a nostalgic bent. Old photos and posters of gigs the venue has hosted over the years are on display and past acts are returning to the stage.

The Gwidihw team felt ten days were needed to do justice to the last decade.

“We wanted to try and tell the story and history of the venue through the events and one party was nowhere near enough to do that,” said Daniel O’Reilly, Gwdihw’s event manager.

Daniel said that despite the focus on Gwdihw’s journey, both veterans and newcomers would be able to experience what made the bar a special place.

The event began on 15 November, but there are still five nights remaining.

One of the upcoming acts, Inc.A said that Gwdihw has been one of its favourite venues ever since it opened.

Inc.A has been rehearsing for its final gig for months (Image credit: Inc.A)

“The audience is always up for a dance and the various promoters over the years have been so supportive,” said Francesca Dimech, the band’s trumpet player.

The members of Inc.A split up in December 2017, but could not refuse Gwdihw’s request to reunite for its 10th birthday.

Their gig on Friday is advertised as their last ever show, but Francesca is not so sure.

“Who knows, perhaps this will end up reviving the band rather than being our funeral wake,” she said.

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