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Candlelit concertos at Llandaff Cathedral

Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi will be given centre stage at Llandaff Cathedral this November thanks to the London Concertante 

The London Concerto playing by candlelight for Christmas

One of the UK’s most revered chamber music ensembles will be holding a concert on Friday 30 November at Llandaff Cathedral. It’s an opportunity for many to form a new-found passion for classical music.

The London Concertante will set the festive mood by opening with Corelli’s Christmas Concerto and will then follow up with Mozart, Handel, Bach and Vivaldi. The pieces will be played by an ensemble of around 10 professional musicians by candlelight.

Anyone is welcome to come and enjoy the concert. There is no need to have an extensive knowledge of classical music to appreciate it. The Concertante say that around 50% of the audience are new to classical music and yet everyone leaves the venue entranced and delighted.


The concert will be held inside 12th century Llandaff Cathedral. Photo credit: Gavin White

Chris Grist, the artistic director of the ensemble, says: “People really come to appreciate classical music through our concerts. Music is a universal language and classical music is incredibly easy to listen to. I am also pleased to see so many young people at our concerts.”

The Concertante play pieces that resonate with people all the while creating a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. One member of the audience at last year’s performance said that they had rarely seen such talented musicians that are equally as warm and funny on stage.

The London Concertante made its debut in 1991 when Chris and other graduates from music schools decided to get together and tour the country. They have continued ever since. 

The ensemble will play for the most part play well-known and recognisable pieces but Chris is careful to add a touch of mystery to every concert. “We also play one classical piece that is not very well-known. It’s interesting because this piece is often the most well received,” he explains, “Obviously, I am keeping it a secret or else it wouldn’t be a surprise!”

You can visit the London Concertante’s website here

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