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Blackadder goes forth to Chapter

Cardiff based theatre company, Everyman, is performing a stage production of Blackadder Goes Forth in remembrance of those who lost their lives during the First World War.

The production is part of a double-bill with Journey’s End, in a season of First World War themed plays by Everyman.

Journey’s End is an influential First World War play by R.C Sheriff from 1928. The play focuses on the declining mental health of men in the trenches.

Both plays are set in the British trenches.

Director, Richard Thomas, said, “The historic 100 year anniversary of the armistice is a perfect platform to allow us to remember with greater depth of feeling than ever before. We at Everyman are incredibly proud to play our part in this remembrance”.

The Everyman actors in rehearsal before the opening night on 13 November

(Credit: Richard Thomas)

Everyman are a long established dramatic society that focus on experimental live theatre.

They are based at the Chapter Arts Centre on Market Road.

Chapter is a venue that hosts all art, including live performance and film.

Blackadder Goes Forth will run from 13 to 17 November at Chapter.

Richard explained that the production has a unique ending, different from the original television series.

The centenary has influenced the new final scene. 

Sandbags at the ready, the props and costumes slowly coming together for the production

(Credit: Richard Thomas)

Chris Williams, 36, originally from Cowbridge, is playing the infamous Captain Edmund Blackadder.

Most people at Everyman have full time jobs, but are still dedicated to performing, Chris explained. 

“It’s a fantastic company to be part of. The society always takes pride in making their productions as professional as possible,” he added.

Chris stressed the importance of commemorating the war.

“As we reach the centenary of the armistice and people begin to no longer have relatives with first hand memories of the conflicts, it’s even more crucial that we take time to remember. Their stories need to continue to be told,” he said.

The show lasts 2hrs 15min.

Tickets are £12.

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