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Cardiff impressed with graffiti

Street art on the walls of the new Fashion Quarter on Womanby Street is proving a hit with residents of the city.

Last month, graffiti artists including Colour DoomedDiego Zelaya and Peaceful Progress helped to create an unusual and outstanding visual display of various masterpieces on the previously dull walls of Womanby Street. Each artist clearly has a very individual style, which can be recognised in the eclectic mix of images painted. 

Diego Zelaya’s life-like image of a girl

Alt Cardiff visited Womanby Street to ask passers-by their opinions on the street art. Rhys Cohen, 27, said, “It’s very impressive and adds a quirky but appropriate element to this street.”

Charlotte Spencer, 18, said, “ The image of the girl is incredible! I’m envious of people who can paint like that!” 

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