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Focus on the flugelhorn

When you type ‘learn an instrument’ into Google, guitar is top of the list. Flugelhorn, however, is not.

The Flugel had a moment in the spotlight in the 1996 film Brassed Off, when beautiful actress Tara Fitzgerald plays a solo, impressing Ewan McGregor’s character.

As Alexandria James, a flugel player from National Youth Arts Wales explains, “In brass bands there’s only one flugel player and 28 other musicians, it’s a very respected role.

“The flugelhorn is relied upon to bridge the gap between the lower half (baritone) and top half (tenor) of the brass band”

To become a flugelhorn player you must start playing a cornet or trumpet and progress onto it, performing solos confidently.

“It’s a wonderful instrument to play, and so rewarding,” says Alexandria.

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