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Junior inspires upcoming Cardiff bands

Three men are sat on a stage

With the launch of CanU magazine, we take a look at how Junior’s recent overseas tour has paved a way for Welsh up and coming artists

Three men are sat on a stage

Matt Attard (left) Si Martin (centre) and Mark Andrews (right) recently underwent their first tour outside the UK (Photo credit: @musicofjunior)

The pop-punk band Junior started out by playing gigs at Cardiff’s well-known live music venues, the Gwdihw and Clwb Ifor Bach, but have now recently returned from Canada after their first tour outside of the UK.

Starting in Hamilton and finishing up in Brantford, Matt Attard, Mark Andrews and Si Martin have come a long way since their 2014 album This Town Sucked Anyway. Especially bassist and lead-singer Mark Andrews, who secured a lucrative contract with the multi-million dollar professional wrestling company WWE earlier this year.   

Having begun in Cardiff, Junior are now progressively making their name more and more well-known outside the UK. Junior are an inspiration to the up and coming bands found all across Cardiff. Bands who may, one day, be known across the world.

The past year has seen musicians both from and performing in Wales release some exceptional music. In that same vein, music mini-mag CanU wants to bring as much attention to these artists and their music as possible.

Launching with its inaugural issue, CanU features sterling Welsh talent like BETSY, Neck Deep and Mellt.  BETSY, born Elizabeth Humfrey, on a goose farm in Pembrokeshire, this year released her self-titled debut album. BETSY classes her aesthetic as “trashy opulence” and says her career aims are to be “so recogniseable that a child could draw you and you’d still know who it is.”

A women in a swim suit is sitting in a paddling pool

BETSY flaunting her signature aesthetic ‘trashy opulence’ (photo credit: Matthew Maitland/Warner Bros)

Much like Junior, BETSY represents the beating heart of up and coming music in Wales. Alongside releasing her debut LP, BETSY  has spent much of this year performing live, bringing her unique blend of soul and synth-pop to a homecoming gig in Swansea’s National Waterfront Museum in October.

CanU wants to showcase the best and brightest of music talent in Wales; from our cover star Emmet McGonagle, BETSY and Junior.

CanU mag’s top picks of the artists from and working in Wales

You can now read the first issue of our CanU mini-mag here:


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