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Voxpop: Records or downloads?

The world’s oldest record shop is adamant that physical albums will continue to sell, despite the global shift towards downloading music.

Upstairs at Spillers: a treasure trove of vinyl records

Upstairs at Spillers: a treasure trove of vinyl records

Spillers Records has been trading since 1894, and remains confident that traditional music formats will never be fully replaced by the “passive experience” of listening to MP3s.

“Our customers are the kind who realise that music on a physical format is a much more interactive experience,” says owner Ashli Todd, who wasn’t phased by last week’s announcement from HMV regarding the launch of an online music service for smart phones.

The shop continues to attract collectors from around the UK after moving from The Hayes to Morgan Arcade in 2010. Vinyl record sales at Spillers have been increasing annually for the past fifteen years.

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