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Musical tempts regional audiences: Vox Pop

National Theatre Wales stages dark comedy as its first musical 

A scene from National Theatre Wales' darkly comic new musical "The Village Social"

The National Theatre Wales is adding to its artistic repertoire by lifting the curtain on its first musical production.  

 The Village Social, an original production created by Daffyd James and Ben Lewis, opened on Friday 21 October and is set to run until mid November with 16 dates around Wales. 

According to artistic director John McGrath, musicals are an important part of theatre. “Any theatre company should already be trying to attract the widest possible audience,” he said.

Musical theatre has a particular resonance in Wales because of the country’s glorious musical tradition, he added.  

The darkly comic musical opened at Rudry Parish Hall and is showing at smaller venues around Wales to encourage people away from the cities to enjoy theatre.

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